Back on Bali

About the lovely pain of the man-with-the-little-sticks.

It´s 7:30 in the morning when Silke is hearing a small motorbike rattling near and nearer to her house. This is the moment where Silke´s fight against leukemia begins each and every day. One of the healers is taking care of Silke and accompanies her on this journey: His name is Aiji, the so called man-with-the-little-sticks.

You wanna know who this guy is? You wanna know what he is doing exactly? Than please join me on my journey and when you are hearing “It´s nice?”, it is going to be painful.


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today is day 5 since I headed back to Bali. And today I want to tell you about this man with the little, magical sticks made out of wood. What is this special healer about and who is he? First of all, his name is Aiji. Aiji is a so called physical therapist and practicing acupressure. He has two little sticks carved by himself – you gonna see later on a picture of those, in order to gain a clearer imagination. With these sticks he is stimulating all neuralgic points on my feet. Each point represents a different organ or the immune system or the metabolism.

He activates every single point by pressing very intensively on each and every one. The consequence is that the organs are replenished and the blood and other body fluids are circulating correctly. You can feel it – sometimes you are getting tired and you have to take a short nap after lunch because you can really see how your body is working. That is one consequence – but first and foremost it is the pain you are feeling. There are certain neuralgic points on your feet – in my case it was especially the gastrointestinal area – that are painful, very painful. Even when he stimulates the immune system you can feel a strong pain as well. When he is rubbing alongside the ankle with his sticks he is using also oil for this part of the treatment. This part is very intense as well…  Click on the small arrow to read more     

During my first stay earlier this year from May to July I spent overall 68 hours with him. This treatment led to a significant lost in weight. The reason was not because I ate less or more but because my body fluids have been circulating completely different. Above you can see a picture of Aiji and his little sticks. I honestly admit that he became a big and important part of my life and that I feel so grateful for that. On this journey that will hopefully bring me back to a completely healthy life he plays a huge role and I am totally convinced that he should practice outside of Bali as well. Basically everyone who suffers a critical illness should undergo this acupressure therapy in order get his organs right in place. This is absolutely important.

This was the story about the man with little sticks who really deared to my heart. For whom I can be grateful every morning at 7:30 when he comes across with his little motorbike and picks me up – even though it hurts. We have a lot fun and we laugh a lot together. And when he sees that it is really hurting a lot he always asks “It´s nice?” I always answer by laughing out loud despite the incredible pain.

So this is one of my healers, the healer for the acupressure, I wanted to introduce to you today. Apart from that I instantly hope that my description has been informative for you all and I really hope that you stay on board and accompany me on my further journey.

Thanks a lot for every single message I received over the last couple of weeks. This helps me a lot and I am always happy about it.

I send warm wishes to all of you in Germany, in Europe – wherever you are – from Bali. Hear you soon.” 




Is acupressure a reliable method to overcome uncurable leukemia? And pigs might fly!

A comment from Joerg.


The adult education center in Mainz recently offered a course “Acupressure of the four seasons”. It sounds that trivial that everyone can visit this course four times a week and after it knows all the secrets of Chinese healing culture.

You know everything how about alternative methods to heal back pain, headache and colds. And, come on, maybe even how to heal a rare form of leukemia.

One can not make jokes of someone who is critically ill like Silke. But sometimes we have to readjust our way of thinking in our Western World in order to reclassify certain things. There are facts to talk about and there is a spiritual way of thinking about it. And last but not least there is something, that dies last. You all know what I mean.



Everything Aiji is doing, he has been taught by a highly renowned Chinese therapist for acupressure for almost 8 years. He does not see his skills as a cancer-healing therapy. His understanding is based on what Western as well as Eastern medical scientists can certainly agree on: Our body possesses natural healing power. The main goal is to activate and stimulate this power. Sounds reasonable?



Who does not believe in healing cannot expect the same. It´s like the lottery: who does not play cannot win. Sound though. But when it comes down to a moment where you are diagnosed a rare form of cancer there must be a strong will to survive. There is more to it than you think. You believe in something whereas most of the people already gave up. The place of Bali offers a spiritual environment that stimulates this way of thinking. And it is not based on foolish believes but because there exists a deeply rooted connection with the spiritual world. We are going to explain this part more in detail – but the related discussion can be started nevertheless right away.



Yes, indeed, hope dies last. Certainly true. What is also true is that the “savage dog” – the way Silke and her family calls the leukemia – dies earlier. Can Hope be put on a same level with Believe? No, I don’t think so. They are more likely to help each other when one or the other faces some difficulties. And there is one more significant difference: Believing starts with yourself. Hope can do everybody who accompanies Silke on her journey. And if somebody speaks it out loudly each and every day believe can get the power to stand up and shout to the cancer: “You go and I´ll stay.”


In the next chapter we gonna ride a motorbike, get a new little friend and talk about a big project.

Any tips, which part you are more interested in?