The first 6 months

About Leukemia, Paul and Bali.

Sometimes a journey begins where it seems to end.  Silke was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2018.  Exactly at the time when she decided to make her ability as a medium for contacts beyond accessible to everyone.  When the confrontation with death suddenly has so many sides, you can despair, go crazy or fall silent.  Or you do it like Silke: Pack your suitcases, your anger and your courage.  Then you go to Bali and say to his cancer: “You will leave and I’ll stay”.  This is where we start.  With the first 6 months and with Leukemia, Paul and Bali.  And we like to take you with us.


What Silke says:

Hello, this is Silke. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Here I would like to describe to you how my way was and is for me since March, since I got the diagnosis cancer – a cancer which has set itself the goal not to leave me.  Because the type of cancer or leukaemia “LPL” is a disease that is not curable, but that can only be tried to keep at bay.  If I now tell you that I have set myself the goal that she will go – then you can believe me.  And that’s also what this journey is supposed to describe, which you can go together with me from now on.  And I also hope, go.

I’ll just start with the fact that last year in August, after a workshop that was about mediality, I heard that a man would come afterwards who would talk about “healing in Bali” and above all about his own healing in Bali – Paul Schaffron.  I stayed and listened to him all evening.  He described his own cancer: that he had bladder cancer nine years ago, had both tumours on his bladder operated on and then went to Bali – without chemo, without medical care – to get cured there.  The whole thing didn’t last much longer than a year – then no cancer was visible in his blood and he has never come back since…  Click on the small arrow to read more     

Paul also flies regularly every half year to Germany to undergo his check-ups and to have security for himself.  Even if he carries it within him – nevertheless it is simply important not to ignore medicine here, you should never do that.  Even if you go this way, which I also go or which Paul also went, it is very important to be examined medically again and again and to simply see what is medically possible.  That is very important for me – to make this clear at the outset.  In my case there are simply not many medical answers.  Except that one tries to fight the symptoms, but the actual problem cannot be fought until today.  That’s why I chose the way to Bali for myself.

After I got to know Paul last year and I still thought cheerfully: “If I meet someone who has cancer, I will recommend Paul to him”, it didn’t take long anymore.  Only half a year later I had the diagnosis.  I then went through all the medical examinations – with bone marrow puncture and CT – in order to get the therapy form “watch and wait” suggested by my professors.  This gave me the opportunity to pack my things and fly to Bali within a very short time.  Paul had already informed himself there about my illness and my diet was changed within hours.  Then I go into the nutrition again at another time.  In any case, overnight there was no meat, no fish and almost no dairy products – except cottage cheese.  But there is an incredible amount of fruit and vegetables.  Later I’ll write you down what was on the menu for me.

Then I flew to Bali, arrived there and experienced from the beginning an unbelievable love from the people there, some of whom already knew that I was ill.  That was what did my soul the best – I have to say that quite clearly.  The love of the people, the energy on Bali and being reminded again and again to get into balance first.  I will introduce the individual healers to you again at a later time.

Up to here it is enough – you know what happened and why and how I came to Bali.  

So far my way to Bali has been like this.  And I will explain more and more to you in the next weeks.  Which healer has which task, which ayurvedic remedy provides which support in my body and what all this has done to me.  So that after three months I came home for the check-up – only for the check-up – and my doctors were so satisfied with me and my blood values.  That was already the first little miracle – not only for me.

Now I wish you all a wonderful day – many, many thanks that you are with me and I am glad that you stay.  Until then, your Silke



My voice has no black mourning border:

Jörg comments here.


What is it like to know someone who has the ability to receive media messages from deceased people?  What is it like to know someone who has incurable leukaemia?  What is it like if it is the same person?  I will write about it here:  A friend of Silke’s.  And you have to get used to the fact that it won’t sound like shallow condolence cards with a black mourning border.  It won’t be funny, but we will make you smile.  We will open your eyes and the door to the other world.  Sounds like esoteric blabla and incense sticks?  Quite wrong today.  Today I introduce you to the main actors:



Silke is a businesswoman.  No flowing batik dresses, no mobile phone cover with shamanic motive, does not walk barefoot through the city centre.  Silke is a modern woman, 48, beautiful, and has incurable leukemia.  Ten years ago she lost her severely disabled son, whom she loves just as much as her other two children.

Since she was a child, she knew that she could do something that others could not do:  Understanding the afterlife.  For a long time she did not want that.  She thinks she has leukaemia because that is her way.  She will also say sentences that are hard for you to digest.  And which are nevertheless beautiful. Besides her healing in Bali, Silke takes care of her company, her husband Matthias, her children, everything and her first own book.  And all that, in turn, also cares for her.



Silke has a particularly common form of leukemia: LPL, with the whole name lymphoplasmocytic lymphoma or Waldenstrom’s disease.  But you can also call it an “asshole”, like me.  Or “my girlfriend LPL”, like Silke.  Or “a biting dog that can bite deadly at any time”, like her husband.  Or “Mama, that’s so infinitely mean”, like her crying daughter.  One thing is certain, LPL is considered incurable.  The process is slow and chronic.  However, we will see that differently.  Because on Bali it is about keeping the dog in check.  At least.  But actually it is about driving him away.


The spiritual world:

What we can say with certainty so far is that the afterlife is above.  So you don’t have to say goodbye to grandma’s idea of “going to heaven” for now.  Silke has also reported that this “other world” is fundamental.  You can also be sure that you have a “team” there that accompanies you on your way here in “this world”.  We will talk about all the quotation marks and the quotation marks.  But on Silke’s journey we will in any case meet some for whom the spiritual world is the most normal of all.  Quite different than for you and me.  But we will approach each other.  Promised.  Just bring a little trust with you.  Also promised?


Next week more.  Then Silke is back on Bali.  And we learn the man-with-the-little-sticks to know.  So follow us.