The component of balance

From places that only yoga achieves.

Someone once said, “Yoga reaches places where motivation doesn’t get there.” For someone who has leukemia like Silke, it can only be right to find these places. To gather all strength and energy against cancer. This is about mental balance – but also about the spleen itself. In any case, Silke is ready to kick the “biting dog” of leukemia very flexibly in the ass. Thanks to Willy! But see for yourself…


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today I would like to bring you closer to another component, an important component of my healing. I really have to smile a little or even laugh, because if someone had told me that a year ago, I would have said: ‘This isn’t my world at all!’ And that’s the subject of yoga. At a time when I didn’t know that I was so seriously ill, I was the anti-yoga person par excellence. I found it all such a huge hype and couldn’t really understand it. And then when I started my healing here in Bali, a healer came to give me this homework: ‘From now on please do yoga every day to get into balance’. And I thought ‘Wow – Okay, then it will come to me!  Click on the small arrow to read more     

And then I asked a good friend from Bali if he knew anyone and he called a friend: Willy. Like our German Willi. Like our German Willi, only with Ypsilon at the end. Meanwhile Willy is also my girlfriend and I spent 57 hours with her alone in the first three months. She first introduced me to yoga very easily and so we did between five and six yoga sessions every evening – with a view of the Indian Ocean. At that time I lived in an apartment right next to the Indian Ocean. Today I live 200 meters away from the ocean, in the middle of the green under palm trees and have a small house.


Now Willy comes to me every morning and we do yoga at 10am – after my acupressure, a little fruit breakfast and a little break. Then I do an hour of yoga with Willy – the kind of yoga I will describe to you again later. Yoga in this case – as far as I am concerned – is incredibly important in many respects. It is incredibly important for my mind to get into balance and to really concentrate on myself. And in this time when I’m doing yoga, I’m really completely alone with myself, just to keep my balance. And then it’s incredibly important for my body to restore that balance of right and left. One of my symptoms of leukemia is my 19 cm spleen, which should normally only be a maximum of eleven centimeters. Mine is 19 cm and lies across my stomach to the liver. This is called ‘kissing symptom’, which means my spleen ‘kisses’ my liver. That’s not so common, but I have it. And these rotary movements, which are also made in yoga, are also incredibly important for my spleen, so that it simply remains in motion, so that all organs remain in motion and are balanced. There is a completely new body feeling. And it also has a wonderful side effect: Yoga shapes the body. And even if you didn’t put the focus on it at all – that you now want to have a particularly beautiful figure – but that you simply want to become healthy, then you don’t even notice it until you get up from the mirror and think: ‘I’ve been training completely different things for many years so that this and that can happen. And suddenly it comes all by itself through yoga’. Yoga simply shapes the body wonderfully. Of course it serves me in the main to get well and not to get sick any further or to stop my symptoms from flareing up any further. To be honest, Yoga is the most important component in history, which I myself can contribute to and also support my self-healing. So, now I would like to introduce Willy to you even further: Willy is 42 years old, comes from Bali and is mother of two children. She is a yoga teacher and has several groups in Bali. Willy is one of my sunshines in my life. In addition to the many yoga classes, we also talked to each other for at least as many hours. In doing so – and this is what I think is beautiful – we brought the Western and the Eastern together and learned a lot from each other. That’s what I want from this blog again and again – that we in the West accept more the Eastern and of course vice versa. That when we come here to Bali, we can also give something of ourselves to the people here, which enriches them too. That’s why I simply think it’s nice to be able to serve as a bridge between the Western and the Eastern. As far as medicine is concerned and how to combine it with natural medicine, as well as how to illuminate yoga from a different perspective. And to make this clear once again: Yoga is also a natural medicine for the mind, for the body and for the soul. So, and attached you can see some pictures of Willy and our yoga class.

Now I wish you a wonderful day wherever you and wherever you hear me. Many, many thanks again for the beautiful news that reach me and that really do me good. And everything, all love until next week. Next week I will present to you my individual products of ayurvedic remedies that I take every day. So get ready because there are more than 50 different capsules! So, until then all love, I greet you. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying. I’ll stay too.” 




Yoga smiling under Bali’s palm trees. Typically leukemia.

Jörg comments here.


Recently I showed this blog to someone, who first said “Och schön”. And maybe that’s what happens to some of you out there: One forgets that Silke doesn’t send pretty pictures from the holiday club to make the circle of friends a little jealous. Unfortunately not. Because nobody is jealous of incurable leukemia.

Whew, damper. Does that have to be after Silke’s relaxed report on yoga? Is that why you have to be sad to death in the truest sense of the word? Do you even have to do that to yourself?


Quite unpleasant questions. But with pleasant answers: No, this is not a pity blog. It is a motivation for all those who are seriously ill and who are either ready to take up the fight – or want to follow a similar path for themselves. And it’s a kind of mental precaution for everyone who could take something like this. So for everyone. So also for you. To look death in the eye and to take up the fight has to be learned. And the very special confrontation with the afterlife even more so. We will have a lot to say about this in the next few weeks.


Attentive listeners and readers have already noticed that the next few months will be about establishing a healing center in Bali. A centre that will make Silke’s individually chosen path much more accessible for many others. Anyone who has any questions or suggestions is welcome to contact us. And if we can already give concrete information, we will do so as well.

Hopefully all of this sounds far from sad and desperate. And for you it might be a nice motivation to do a round of yoga. Because as the saying goes: Yoga is recommended on all days that end with “y”.


Here you can find some information about the kind of yoga Silke does:

Do you also do yoga? What experiences do you have?