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The perfect leukemia dinner, Part I.

We must all stop feeding cancer: there are many countries in the world with a much lower proportion of cancer than, for example, the United States or Western Europe. Scientists attribute this to fundamental nutritional differences. Silke introduces us today in the first part about nutrition some ayurvedic and other means which she uses daily for her fight against blood cancer. So open your mouth, eyes and ears!


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today I will bring you closer to my ayurvedic remedies and also to normal herbal remedies, which I received a few months ago – at the end of March – and some of which I take up to twelve a day, i.e. three times four. The first ones I present to you are also the ‘three times four’. This is the first of the ‘Sirsak’ – who is very well known as the ‘Sauersack’, who works against cancer. In this context, I would like to emphasize one thing once again: Nothing of what I take is something that replaces conventional medicine. That is very, very important to me. You know my diagnosis and you know from my blog reports that for me, for LPL and leukaemia there is no medicine that can fight cancer – only the symptoms. That’s why I decided to go down this road. But that doesn’t replace everything else, that’s what I want to say from the start. It can, but it does not have to be. In any case, I am also in favour of orthodox medicine and say this in addition – this is very important to me. Click on the small arrow to read more     

By the way: For all medications I will send you explanations in the appendix – what characteristics they have and what they can do. Back to the sour bag: the sirsak or sour bag definitely goes against cancer – there are some studies that testify or describe this.

Then I take ‘Ashitaba’. It’s a remedy that works for the immune system. It’s really unbelievable. We’ve already tried it with my family, who got sick with normal flu, colds or flu infections. They then took four three times a day and two or three days later they stood again, because that simply directly strengthens the immune system.

Then I take ‘Moringa’. Moringa is also a remedy – you’ll find it all on the net – which is described as a mineral, vitamin, life-prolonging. There are many studies that Moringa is responsible for the immune system, for vitality, for covering minerals and vitamins.

Then I take ‘turmeric’. I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with that. I also take four of them three times a day – for gastrointestinal tract and that is also against cancer or for the destruction of cancer.

Then I take ‘Gotu Kola’. This is a remedy, I only take two of them a day, in the evening before going to bed. It is important for the promotion of sleeping and also for nerves and blood cleansing – very important for me. I will list all these remedies in detail later.

Then I will take Omega 3 – you all know that. Then I take vitamin B12. And then I take another mushroom and a vitamin C. I’ll photograph them all for you later and send you everything I think about them in the appendix – because it’s really for you too, who maybe just want to work a little bit preventively or just preventatively or when you’re tired or don’t sleep well. You can read through all the resources and perhaps decide for yourself whether you want to try them out or not. Because they can’t harm you.

I just want to explain to you briefly: the last two years I was permanently ill, had bone pain, feverish infections, pneumonia, cystitis, all this. And with the beginning of this medication – if I may call it that – all this disappeared. I haven’t been ill since March and have been very fit. Whether this is now solely due to these remedies is something I would like to say and I can’t really say. It is certainly a big component of the healing theme for me. Just like yoga, like our stickman with acupressure, and just like these remedies. But also – and we will come to this next week – nutrition.  

I wish you all a wonderful day wherever you hear me. Very dear greetings, warm – hot – greetings from Bali and many, many thanks for your messages, which reach me again and again and which really touch me very, very much and give me a lot of strength. I am very happy that you support me so much. I am happy if you stay. I’ll stay too. See you soon, see you next week, your Silke”




What one is so fed up with when it comes to nutrition.

Jörg comments here.


Every supermarket talks about healthy food, every TV station has cooking shows for good food, every corner has smoothies, hundreds of blogs and magazines for “healthy food” and every refrigerator in the world has the saying: You are what you eat. You might think we’re on the right track when it comes to nutrition. You can’t help it any more.

Unfortunately wrong: The statistics say that we are all getting sicker and sicker due to wrong nutrition. And the statistics are right. Because statistics measure the truth. And to this truth belongs quite clearly the scientific confirmation that nutrition also has a considerable influence on diseases such as cancer. In any case in prevention.

The extent to which the right diet can really fight cancer is a different matter from a strictly scientific point of view. Here Silkes applies clear reference that also it sees its nutrition not as replacement, but as addition to the school medicine. Always with another hint: Of course Silke is more than ready for anything that helps her immune system, her basic well-being and her fight against leukaemia. But for me and for you the message is much simpler: eat well! It has never been easier and cheaper to prevent many diseases with good food than it is today.


Here you can find more detailed information about the means that Silke takes in addition. Please pay attention to the important note below. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Next week you will learn more about nutrition in part 2 on the topic “The perfect blood cancer dinner”.


Note: The nutritional supplements presented by Silke are not medical recommendations to help anyone. Silke and this blog cannot take any responsibility for the effect, dosage and therapy. Please inform yourself about what could be good for you and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.




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