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The perfect leukemia dinner, Part II.

Silke eats what her leukemia doesn’t like. One day after her diagnosis in March she changed her diet completely and consistently. After we presented some Ayurvedic remedies last week, today we look at everything that comes on the table. The recommendations of their Balinese healer are not only tasty, but also have targeted effects. Appetite for information?


What Silke says:

„Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today there is the part 2 of the nutrition component: We differentiate here between the nutrition in Germany and that on Bali. This is simply due to the food, which is naturally available in Bali or vice versa in Germany. After my diagnosis in March I called Paul Schaffron, whom I already introduced to you, described everything to him and the healer on Bali immediately changed my diet. It was then manageable, because basically there were only vegetables and fruit left. And cottage cheese, nuts, linseed oil and linseed. From this I could in principle arrange my daily food. It looked like I ate cottage cheese with blueberries in the morning. Very important: blueberries, cherries, raspberries – the cancer doesn’t love all that, it’s deadly for the cancer. There is also a wonderful reading: “Cancer doesn’t like raspberries”. I would recommend that you read this book. Click on the small arrow to read more     

Then there were all kinds of vegetables. So very important first: spinach, beetroot, green salad. Very important: onions and also very important: garlic – that’s one of the first things in the list. I ate all that. Macadamia nuts are super important because we don’t consume any carbohydrates at that moment. And linseed oil is very important.

Yes – and I made my lunch and dinner out of it. In the evening I was always allowed to drink 0.2 liters of red wine, so that for me personally – just due to the leukemia – the blood flows better. That was also announced by the healer.

So – that was the nutrition in Germany and then I came to Bali and thought: ‘Oh God, where is my cottage cheese, where are my blueberries, where are the cherries? Where did all that go? And what am I eating now?’

And then there was the Dragon Fruit and Guave and so on, so I adapted here with the fruits from Bali. And there are a lot of them here – and vegetables. And that’s basically how my diet looks like: I feed exclusively on fruit and vegetables. But I also have to say: two to three times a week I eat either rice or mashed potatoes, as we say here. That is mashed potatoes. I do that because sometimes I just don’t have the strength and I just need more carbohydrates. I don’t find the macadamia nuts so much here and neither do cottage cheese. And that’s why I listen a lot to my body. But what I really leave out completely is meat and fish. And that relieves my body a lot. Whereby I was really someone who very much liked to eat a piece of meat and above all fish. But for the next few months that will be removed from my nutrition plan for the time being. In my case it is important to make sure that the fruits have a low Hb value and – considering the red blood cells – I eat a lot of dark red fruits. Like the Dragon Fruit here, it’s really pink-dark red – and it really helps me a lot. Just like the beetroot in Germany, it’s basically the same here in Germany.

This is my nutrition and it relieves the body a lot. It is not really difficult, it is only a change at the beginning. And now – after five, six months – I am basically no longer lacking the meat and fish. However – as I said – I build myself a bit of carbohydrates every now and then, because that also gives me strength.

So – that was my nutrition plan. This time it’s quite short and tight, because there’s not much to say. So: eat a lot of vegetables, eat a lot of fruit. You can incorporate that very, very, very well into your everyday life and it helps the immune system and the vitamins, minerals – everything we need – incredibly much. I wish you a wonderful week from the bottom of my heart. Many, many thanks for the news. I would like to mention that again and again: Thank you – thank you so much.

And maybe we will see each other in Germany when I come in December – both on my information evening and on my media evening. I would be happy. Until then very dear greetings from Bali, your Silke. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.I’ll stay too.” 




Jörg comments here.

But who is that actually?


After some comments of the last weeks Silke asked me to introduce myself. I’m only doing this very cautiously – because this is Silke’s blog. Nevertheless, it is close to our hearts to explain why our small team exists at all. So: If you want to put it that way, we got to know Silke quite impartially before her illness, but very intensively through her ability as a medium for contacts beyond. And not because I would have liked to have had contact with a deceased person, but in a very professional way. As the owner of a small advertising agency in Frankfurt, which I run together with my wife, Silke approached us for the conception and design of a website. This should not be done endlessly at this point – you can find the result here: There is no hiding the fact that we have treated the subject – like any other – with professional scepticism and drilling. Neither my wife nor I are distinct spiritual people.

Then two decisive topics happened, which made this task something very personal, touching, amazing, sad, but often enough also something funny. First of all, Silke convinced us several times with her media skills from her work. Whereby “convinced” is far too weak and sober a word for what she can do. It brings something into life that can give many personal questions, but also many valuable answers. Thus in the long run also the basic idea for her medium work “Sometimes your world needs an answer from the other world” developed. We will also report a lot about this – but I certainly don’t anticipate when I say that Silke and I will tear down the mostly too mystical and transfigured veil of death. It is time that spirituality gets a modern and credible picture and incense remains in the corner. Silke and I are writing a very exciting book about it. More about that soon.

The second crucial topic was the news of her cancer. Anyone who has received such a message can feel the force with which it strikes. Personally, I have felt tremendous anger about the fact that this happens to a person like Silke. Of course it should not happen to anyone and if it does, we want to be a companion for everyone to go their own positive way. The confrontation with death – about a woman who can talk to the deceased – is something that Silke wants to share as much as her way of fighting cancer in Bali. There is no question that Silke gets every support from me and my wife Jennifer. That’s how this blog came into being. That’s why I’m commenting here. And that’s why there will be this blog until Silke’s announcement to the cancer “You will leave and I’ll stay” has come true.

Now you know all about it.



Note: The diet presented by Silke is not a medical recommendation. Silke and this blog cannot take any responsibility for effect or therapy. Please inform yourself about what could be good for you and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.




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