The companion Lotta

Probably the most loving baring the teeths against Silkes leukemia.

Nobody likes to go a hard road alone. In addition to visiting her family and friends, Silke’s path to healing is accompanied by a very special personality who is always there for her: Lotta, an English bulldog. With her special feeling for what Silke is doing well, she is baring the teeths against leukemia in a particularly loving way. Get to know Lotta!


What Silke says:

„Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today I tell you about Lotta! Who is Lotta anyway? An extraordinary personality – a four-month-old English bulldog. She comes from the island of Java and has been with me for almost six weeks. Lotta was placed with me by a good friend. I had also been involved with English bulldogs for a few years and was always interested in them – and then the information came to me that Lotta still had to be mediated. And then I decided in favour of Lotta. I actually wanted to bring my own dog from Germany to Bali, but she would have had to quarantine here for at least three months. And that’s why I rejected the idea because it would have been much, much, much too stressful for the dog. And so Lotta came into my life. Click on the small arrow to read more     

I have been living with dogs for 30 years and dogs are incredibly important to me. Lotta is very stubborn – like the character of the bulldog is. And that’s exactly what I needed now. Lotta’s facial expression shows the biting dog – you know how my professor calls my disease – his teeth for a moment. That’s what I need, too. Lotta is incredibly strong and incredibly loving and she is my partner on this path. I also thought long and hard about whether I should take a Bali dog, a mongrel or something. That was out of the question for me because – if I should go back to Germany or stay longer in Germany – I could not take this mongrel dog so unfortunately. But Lotta does – because of her pedigree.

What do I do with Lotta? So because I fly home every three months for the check-ups and everything I’ve already described to you, it’s important for Lotta that she’s well taken care of during this time here. And as life plays like that, I heard again on the beach from someone else who said: ‘If you always fly home, then bring Lotta to playtime – she can stay there while you’re in Frankfurt.’ And that’s what I heard then. And that’s what I did and drove to this day playground and guesthouse for dogs – it’s run by a Swiss who has had this playground for 15 years. I tell you: ‘It’s like a dreamlike hotel! I’ve never seen anything like it before from a dog boarding house and playground for dogs. Lotta goes there three to four times a week to simply get her used to the fact that when I fly home – as for example now at the end of November – she just spends these four weeks there and that is nothing new for her and no longer a giant changeover.

Yes – that is Lotta and what does that mean for me? When, for example, my son flew back to Germany on Monday after three and a half weeks – after an incredibly intense and wonderful time, during which he also helped me an incredible amount – it really, really hurts. Then I came home from the airport and then my Lotta sits opposite me and that is the moment when I am incredibly grateful not to be alone. Or even when there was a relatively strong earthquake here tonight, from which you wake up already. And then I looked next to my bed and Lotta was lying there and then I grabbed her and went out into the garden with her and that’s just good. I am not alone and she is my partner and I am her partner and that is incredibly good. Therefore she belongs to one of the most important persons of my healing meanwhile. If I may call it a person. She always remains a dog, but she is a personality in my life and in this moment also very, very important for me. She will stay that way for the rest of her life when she is with me.

Yes – that’s Lotta for today. And to everyone who has dogs and animals – it doesn’t matter whether it’s cat or rabbit, dog or whatever – you know how much love and good feeling these animals give us and how grateful I am. They carry so much for us. A very big tribute to our animals.

That was my contribution for you today: Just tell you, there is Lotta too! And by the way, she also gets to know all the healings. So with all the healings that take place here in my own house, Lotta is always there – and with different healers Lotta has to bark loudly because they just come too close to me. Lotta protects me very much and I have to smile again and again how strong this bond is already after these five weeks.

Next week I will introduce you to one of my healers – look forward to it, he is a very special healer: An energy and magic healer. I will tell you about it. Until then I wish you a wonderful remaining week and again very, very, very many thanks for all your news and good wishes. I am very much looking forward to seeing you in Frankfurt and to answering your questions. I have already heard that there are some registrations for the info evening on 15 December. And on December 16th I will have the media evening. Yes – I am very much looking forward to you and am very, very grateful that I have decided to bring this blog into being and also last week after quite a long time a quite, quite, quite good old friend found again thereby. I am very, very grateful for that. So: to all of you a wonderful week still – everything, all love from Bali, very dear greetings. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying. Your Silke with Lotta.”




Animal companionship is an effective medicine.

Jörg comments here.


Those who are seriously ill need a lot of mental strength. Here, orthodox medicine also confirms that the accompaniment of so-called therapy animals is a valuable support for the sick. Many foundations and institutions therefore focus specifically on the use of four-legged companions. In Austria such dogs are even certified by the University of Vienna after a special training.

What are the aspects that make an escort like Lotta so valuable? As described by Silke, it is of course the pure presence of a loving “personality” who is always there for you. But it is much more: Especially dogs have an extraordinary sense for the well-being of their owner and thus contribute significantly to stress reduction. The physical closeness in turn supports, for example, an even, calm breathing

The good feeling of having someone like Lotta and the joy that a dog’s gaze can trigger are, of course, very personal for everyone. And we can be very, very sure that Lotta is making an excellent contribution.

Lotta won’t be there during Silke’s visit to Germany – but Silke will certainly report about her on her way to Bali and her companions like Aiji, the man-with-the-little-sticks, or Willy, the yoga teacher, on her information evening on December 15th in Frankfurt. And of course about a lot more, which this blog will be about in the next weeks.



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Info evening “My way to Bali” on 15 December 2018: 

Since Silke has received many inquiries about her way on Bali, cancer and healing possibilities, she has decided to give an information evening on this topic on 15 December. The cost is 15 € per person. Prospective customers write please a short E-Mail to the following address:

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“Medial Evening” on 16 December 2018: 

Silke will be in Germany in December. During this time she will be offering Sittings & Readings in Frankfurt and will also be hosting a “Medial Evening”. Medial evenings are a fascinating and breath-taking experience for the visitors. Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several participants.

Important note: The medial evening serves exclusively the topic ‘Beyond contact’. Those interested in the topics ‘Bali’ or ‘Leukemia’ are cordially invited to our information evening on 15 December.

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