The healer Ngurah

How much does bad energy weigh?

Those who are not in balance have blocked energy. That’s why Silke’s way to fight her leukemia includes visiting a healer who influences mental, emotional and physical energies in a targeted way. This is Ngurah, a healer who possesses his special abilities from birth and also lets Silke lose 2 to 3 kg. But not weight. Hear for yourself!


What Silke says:

„Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today I introduce you to my healer Ngurah. Ngurah was already born with the ability to heal – his father is a priest, he himself is an energy healer. Now it’s slowly getting exciting and for you the question certainly arises: ‘Okay – what can I imagine under it now…?’ Yes, that’s a bit mystical and of course it takes a lot of openness, because you can’t see things that way at first. But can feel! Click on the small arrow to read more     

Ngurah can – as soon as he sees me – immediately see the points that are in imbalance in my body and where the central points are that need healing or need to come back into balance. Sometimes it starts at places where I think: ‘But I don’t really have anything there’! Through breathing techniques follows a complete switching off of thoughts, really only following the feeling. What then happens is that I have the feeling that he somehow pulls two or three kilos out of my feet or head or hands – without touching me. That’s really very amazing. During my first sessions I thought: ‘What is this now? That can’t be at all?!’ I thought I had to weigh myself because I had the feeling that a lot had gone out there – and that wasn’t an imagination or that I had gotten myself into it. No, that was really the case.

How does that happen? So, Ngurah comes to me and explains everything to me. Above all – and this is also very, very important – to make yourself clear again and again, to follow your feelings much, much more and to feel what you are doing. He then asks me during the treatment to help him by breathing in and breathing out slowly, to move certain parts that are not in balance or need healing. This is incredibly difficult to describe in words. I can only tell you that it is extremely effective and I always feel very balanced afterwards. Such a treatment takes at least two hours and he also explains very, very much – which is always important for me. I think for us Europeans or Australians, Americans, it’s always incredibly important to understand – and he also offers the opportunity. But there are also simply moments when he says quite clearly: ‘Just feel now, that’s the most important thing for now’. And we have already achieved great successes in recent weeks, for me personally, for example, that I almost no longer feel my spleen – it was really visible under my ribs. And it has decreased very, very much – so that I hardly notice it anymore. This is an uncanny success. And it’s a complete lightness. I always notice this with a time delay – so after 1-2 days after the treatment I have the feeling that something is moving insanely.

You also have the opportunity to get to know Ngurah! Ngurah will come to Germany next year and will give a workshop there. That’s why I asked him to make this possible for you – that you don’t necessarily have to fly to Bali, but simply experience it in Frankfurt. So, this is Ngurah – in the appendix you can see a picture and a text of him. And I will keep you up to date on how this kind of healing will continue.

Until then I wish you another wonderful week. Thank you very much for all the great news again and again. This week I also got a great prescription against my cancer – many, many thanks for that. Thank you very much for the prayers, thank you very much to my friends, thank you very much to my wonderful family. And maybe I’ll see you in Frankfurt? Either on 15 December for my information evening “My way on Bali” or on 16 December for my media evening. Until then all the best from Bali. Your Silke with Lotta.”




Only since 100 years many diseases are really curable.

Jörg comments here.


Only since 100 years most diseases are really curable. That is a well-founded fact. Until then, there has always been a close interaction of doctors, healers and priests over thousands of years and across all cultures of this earth. With important scientific findings such as the discovery of penicillin, which suddenly made it possible to effectively treat an enormous range of diseases.

The progress of modern medicine in the West then largely pushed back spiritual healing. Firstly, this does not mean that spiritual healing is always complete nonsense, even if there may be many charlatans. And secondly: What is still considered incurable from a purely medical point of view, such as Silke’s leukemia, still has the chance of alternative healing. And of course Silke uses exactly that in her situation.

Also because in cultures like Bali thousands of years old art of healing has not been suppressed as it is here. With the difficulty that purely medical processes can be described scientifically – and spiritual ones much more difficult. Here trust and faith of the patient is an important part of the healing itself.

Silkes healer Pak Ngurah has formulated his approach for us very precisely. Here you can read it in his words – and when he comes next year you can see for yourself. But Silke will also have more information for you at the two events in December.


Mudra Prana Healing with Pak Ngurah

„With a pure and compassionate presence, Pak Ngurah gently guides you through an open sharing about our bodies’ energy and how we can begin to tune in to our physical, mental and emotional conditions. This special energy healing session focuses on the spine, the central energy channel of our body. Moving up the spine with his intuitive hands, Pak Ngurah begins to sense the subtle body energies, helping to clear and awaken any troubled or dormant energy channels of the nadis and chakras, then moves on to other parts of the body in need of special attention, healing, strengthening and activation. A sacred mudra, accompanied by a short, guided meditation, is offered as a powerful gift to support you in your daily life. The great god-son of a traditional Balinese medicine man, Pak Ngurah offers an empowering session inviting pure love to surface and a conscious awareness to flourish for true healing.“




The dates at a glance:


Workshop „Mudra Prana Heilung“ mit Pak Ngurah

2019 in Frankfurt am Main – exact date follows


Info evening “My way to Bali” on 15 December 2018:

Since Silke has received many inquiries about her way on Bali, cancer and healing possibilities, she has decided to give an information evening on this topic on 15 December. The cost is 15 € per person. Prospective customers write please a short E-Mail to the following address:

The venue is Frankfurt am Main. All interested parties will be informed of the exact location and period of the event following their e-mail.


“Medial Evening” on 16 December 2018:

Silke will be in Germany in December. During this time she will be offering Sittings & Readings in Frankfurt and will also be hosting a “Medial Evening”. Medial evenings are a fascinating and breath-taking experience for the visitors. Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several participants.

Important note: The mediale evening serves exclusively the topic „beyond contacts“. Those interested in the topics “Bali” or “Leukemia” are cordially invited to our information evening on 15 December.

Bookings for the medial evening on 16 December 2018 in Frankfurt am Main are now available on Silke’s website: