The Bali energy

The universe is you, you and you.

Everyone is called every day to contribute to harmony and order in the universe. This is what Balinese Hinduism says. This attitude is deeply lived. With countless ceremonies that deal with the connection to gods, nature, the whole universe. But those who believe that they feel strict and melancholic should allow themselves to be infected by the unique energy of Bali. Come with me!


What Silke says:

„Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Today I have decided to tell you a little bit about the energy of Bali. You’ve probably always heard from friends and acquaintances that they talk about this great energy in Bali. And yes – that’s true! And that’s why I’m here, too. Hunduism is very common here and that is Balinese Hinduism which is very, very different from the original Hinduism. I can’t explain this to you in these 4-5 minutes, but I can explain to you how Balinese Hinduism works – and I’m just telling you about what I’ve noticed here in the last half year and how I live with it. Click on the small arrow to read more     

In Bali there is prayer every day and every minute. From the Hindu point of view, this is the part that brings the offerings. What are the offerings? Those who have already been to Bali know these bamboo baskets with colourful flowers in them, sometimes a coin, a candy or a little rice. And there are incense sticks in it. They are then sprayed three times with holy water together with a flower and this flower is then put behind the ear. After you have sprayed this, the prayers come, which you then say into this offering – to the gods, to the universe – whatever and however. This is very, very important, because it simply manifests this faith more and more. And you just feel that – no matter where you go, you always have to be careful not to step into an offering.

I myself practice that every morning. I have my own temple with me – every morning I take a shower, put on my sarong, take my offerings and go to my temple. I practice it the same way, I say my prayers – to whom and to whatever – and it just does incredibly good.

For example, when we had a situation like the earthquake three weeks ago, and I was cycling along in the morning on my bike, a lot of people would yell, ‘Good Morning, Silke – how was the earthquake last night for you?’ Yes – and then you’d say, ‘We just have to pray more. We just have to pray more and then it stops. We just have to pray a little bit more. God bless you’. This is all connected to God and to the universe. And that’s something you can’t grasp here. There are also ceremonies for everything – there is the ceremony for books and the ceremony for money and the ceremony for everything…

What does ceremony mean? It means that also there the sarongs are attracted and that you then go to the temple. There are so many temples everywhere – almost every family has its own temple. In the picture below you can see how you can imagine such a temple. This is my temple, in my garden, which you see there – and I have only one very small temple, there are still quite other temples!

Yes, and then we pray – like for example last night, we had a full moon last night. And then a very, very dear friend of mine, whose father is a priest, sent me these pictures. By the way, you know this friend: It is my healer Ngurah. He sent me the pictures of the ‘fire blessing’ last night, because there was a full moon and his father, who is a priest, therefore did this ‘fire blessing’.

It’s really amazing how many prayers and ceremonies take place here every day. Even with the cremations – when someone has died and is burned after a few days: Then these ashes are carried along roads and that is really very, very touching – the ‘touched’ one very much.

And when you sometimes drive your car through the streets, something is locked up again and you think to yourself: ‘Oh God, what happened? Nothing happened there. There’s just a ceremony!

In the beginning I just smiled, but in the meantime it just belongs to it. And that’s what this energy is all about – being so connected to the universe, the gods, nature and the laws of nature in a very easy way. This is something that we in the West have lost a lot and we would have to go back a bit.

You learn that here – that’s how I adapted Hinduism for myself and I’m always very, very grateful when I’m taken to ceremonies that really touch me.

That was only a small excerpt – of course we also have Muslims here in Bali, we have Buddhists in Bali (also they pray a lot) and also a small share of Christians. It is simply a holy island. The island of the gods – and this is noticeable when you touch the ground on Bali and just let yourself be dragged along. Be open when you come here and let us show you a little what the original idea is. It heals me, I am incredibly grateful.

That was just a small excerpt today – I hope I could tell you a little bit about it, but in four or five minutes it’s always very, very difficult to explain it all.

At this point again a thousand thanks for your letters and mails and everything! I have a huge attack on the healer Ngurah. It made me very, very, very happy and on my homepage you will soon find the dates when he comes to Germany and also a number for those who come to Bali and would like to meet him here. Also there you get contact addresses, contact numbers and e-mails. In this sense: Many, many thanks to everyone – very, very dear greetings to Germany and everywhere you hear me. Thank you, thank you for being there. Yes – nice that you are there and even more beautiful that you stay. And I also stay because I live in Bali. Very nice greetings from Silke with Lotta”




Faith is stability and healing. And sometimes explosives.

Jörg comments here.


It would be irresponsible and stupid to say something about different religions and beliefs in a few lines. Especially if you want to compare or even evaluate the great world religions. Because exactly this has led to wars of faith for thousands of years. To explosives. In the truest sense of the word.

And yet one can probably say that people have always tried to draw strength, hope, positive energy and an order for life from their respective religions. That is something that gives support and is healing. For one’s own soul and soul health as well as for living together.

On Bali there is a very deep, one can say, completely natural understanding for it. Faith is easily integrated into everyday life. Exactly as Silke described it.

But what can we learn from it? How do we actually get back a little bit?

There is a word about this that has crept into our Western everyday life and language quite unreligiously: Karma! With a clear and sometimes smiling understanding of what there is good and bad karma for (and sometimes instant karma as well), we often move through everyday life and its decisions. Without any Hinduism in our heads, from which the word also originates and actually means ‘the result of our own actions’ and is transferred into a next life.

So we also say with a little wink: Very good Karma brings you to stay tuned on Silke’s blog and recommend him to others.




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Workshop „Mudra Prana Heilung“ mit Pak Ngurah

2019 in Frankfurt am Main – exact date follows


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“Medial Evening” on 16 December 2018:

Silke will be in Germany in December. During this time she will be offering Sittings & Readings in Frankfurt and will also be hosting a “Medial Evening”. Medial evenings are a fascinating and breath-taking experience for the visitors. Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several participants.

Important note: The mediale evening serves exclusively the topic „beyond contacts“. Those interested in the topics “Bali” or “Leukemia” are cordially invited to our information evening on 15 December.

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