Thank you for the perfect world, Paul.

Long before her diagnosis, Silke heard a lecture from a man who had cancer himself and then went to Bali and was healed. That was Paul Schaffron. Of course, she immediately remembered when she was confronted with her leukemia. One Whatsapp and then everything went very fast, very helpful, very warmhearted and very far away: To Bali, to Paul.


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

I’ve been looking forward to this contribution for a long time and then I got Paul’s approval that I can tell you about him. Paul Schaffron is the man – I would say this is my hero – who brought me to Bali. I was at a workshop in Essen in August 2017 and after that workshop Paul gave a talk about his – I say now – ‘spiritual experiences’, also his own experiences in Bali. About what he offers and his own story, which is really very, very – how shall I say – magical and special. Because Paul also had cancer a few years ago – I think it was nine years ago – and without chemotherapy he cured the cancer completely in Bali and today he has very good medical values – he also regularly goes to the check-up in Germany – so, all doctors smile and wonder how it all can be like that. Paul presented all this that evening, also what remedies and natural remedies there are and it was all really unbelievable and partly also mystical. But it tied me up and on my way home to the hotel I thought: ‘My God, if this ever happens to someone from my family or circle of friends, I’ll send them straight to Bali’. A good six months later it was me. Click on the small arrow to read more     

Paul is incredibly networked, has been living in Bali for nine or ten years now and has a very, very wonderful wife – Era – who really is a very, very close friend of mine. And I am very, very, very grateful that she is in my next environment.

Paul offers sport journeys, all this, but above all also spiritual journeys and brings the Europeans, they are mostly Europeans, a bit like the Balinese healer world, the spiritual world, closer – through certain visits of water blessings and fire blessings. That’s really very, very special.

Especially for me it was then, after I got the diagnosis, that my first thought was of course Paul, whom I informed immediately by WhatsApp. He first wanted pictures of my hands, my palms and my face and then went directly to the first healer. He immediately said: ‘Okay, she has that and that and that…’ – they didn’t need a medical diagnosis, they made it themselves. They told me a lot about it personally and then changed my diet directly – so I immediately became a vegetarian. And many individual preparations, which I should take in addition then evenly, and which I have you also already specified in one of my contributions.

Yes – all that was Paul. And then we waited here for my diagnosis and the therapy that the doctors wanted to suggest and then also suggested: There came the suggestion ‘Wait and watch’ and thus the free one for me to sit directly – immediately 10 days later – in the airplane and fly to Paul. And then Paul really took me by the hand – and then also Era – and we drove a lot to some healers, meditated together at night and they taught me everything. Yes – that is Paul Schaffron.

I can only say: This is my ‘Special Hero’, because without him I wouldn’t be here today, without him I wouldn’t be so well and I am really indebted to him all my life – especially to his wife.

If you want to know more about Paul: We take his link to our site today and there you can see what Paul has to offer, if you would like to come and have a look at the perfect world or the magic world of Bali.

Yes – it was really good for me to talk about it. There is just a huge gratitude – first of all to the person who led the workshop at that time and to Paul. But above all for the fact that Paul set out himself to help people through his experiences. This is what Paul does every day. There are always e-mails coming to him from people who are very, very seriously ill and Paul then simply helps on, goes to the individual healers and then gives the messages back to the sick and how they can behave accordingly.

Yes – another wonderful week for you. Let it go well for you. I see the temperatures are slowly going down to the basement. I still have my 32 degrees and now we have the beginning rainy season and the humidity has risen again a bit. But I enjoy it and of course I am looking forward to Christmas soon – despite all this. I can’t imagine that, while I’m walking through my garden barely clothed.

In two weeks’ time I will be back in Frankfurt and I am looking forward to meeting my family and friends in particular. And to meet friends I haven’t seen for a long time – I’m especially looking forward to that. All, all, all the best. Glad that you are there and glad that you are staying! Thank you for all the news. Thank you for the gifts and many, many, many thanks for following me so faithfully. All love, see you soon. Your Silke with Lotta from Bali.”




Friends, a world in one piece.

Jörg comments here.


If you get a hard diagnosis, you fall deeply. Without ground, always different, always from different feelings. One falls until one’s thoughts collect again. And you fall until someone catches you. These are the family and these are friends. Some friendships take years until you can call them that. And some begin after a second. As with Paul Schaffron and Silke. Paul’s deep understanding of what such an illness means and triggers in you immediately triggered so much helpfulness and empathy that Silke was able to travel to a perfect world just 10 days later. Perfect world and healing world are then one.

You see, Silke’s circle of friends, healers and companions is big and exciting. In the link below you can get to know Paul Schaffron better – and don’t forget, in December the doors will open to two exciting events with Silke in Frankfurt. At the latest then there will be even more insights.


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“Medial Evening” on 16 December 2018:

Silke will be in Germany in December. During this time she will be offering Sittings & Readings in Frankfurt and will also be hosting a “Medial Evening”. Medial evenings are a fascinating and breath-taking experience for the visitors. Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several participants.

Important note: The mediale evening serves exclusively the topic „beyond contacts“. Those interested in the topics “Bali” or “Leukemia” are cordially invited to our information evening on 15 December.

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Workshop „Mudra Prana Heilung“ mit Pak Ngurah

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