Between worlds

Where a healthy spirit is at home.

Silke went to Bali six months ago to cure her leukemia. This has become as much a home as her home in Frankfurt. Between these two worlds lie not only many thousands of kilometres, but also many thoughts and feelings. Family, friends, Christmas here – healer, spirituality, other energy there. Silke has some nice inspirations for you shortly before departure. For example the 4 words of her healer.

Listen to yourself and “let it go!”


What Silke says:


“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

My contribution this week: ‘Between the worlds’. That’s because I’m flying from Bali to Frankfurt in six days. And that it’s not always so easy for me. Well, I’m very much looking forward to my family, to the Christmas season, which I love very much, and I’m also looking forward to seeing all my friends again. I’m looking forward to the experience evening with you, I’m looking forward to the sittings that have been booked, I’m looking forward to so many things. But it always makes me wistful to fly away, because I am very healthy here in the last half year. Above all, as far as my mind is concerned and my views, considerations, circumspections… and that of course comes first. Click on the small arrow to read more     

If you get such a diagnosis, then it is certainly right and important to look after your body one hundred percent and see what it needs. But even more important is our mind: what does he do with us and is he not facing the disease? I think that’s the question I ask everyone who’s seriously ill and asks himself: ‘What have I done wrong? Not to ask oneself the question of guilt, but to reconsider one’s views very, very carefully. That’s why I have my healer Ngurah, whom you all already got to know, and who not only does energy work, but also talks a lot with me about it. And who at some point said to me – these four words, which I keep in mind again and again – ‘to realize, to accept’: ‘Let it go and be happy!’ To realize it, to accept it, to let it go and to be happy!

If someone had told me that half a year or a year ago in Germany, I would have said: ‘Yes, do that in Bali, it’s all well and good, but live in Germany. Then you know that it doesn’t work that way.’ Mhmm – that’s true and that’s really difficult. Yes, because simply the energy is completely different and everyone is always incredibly stressed. And everything is talked and talked about a lot and problems, which were perhaps still small at the beginning, become big through this many speeches about the problem – instead of just realizing it, accepting it and just letting go. Then maybe it can just turn to the good.

I didn’t do that myself and I learned that here. And that is a big part – if not the biggest part – of my recovery, that I am happy and that I am well. Believe me, I’m still confronted with problems from Germany every day. It’s not like I’m lying here on the beach reading books and having a good time. But I let it go for me well, but I confront myself nevertheless every day with my life here and also with the tasks here. To help people here as well – which I do every day – through my media work and by dealing with things from Germany. But I have learned to deal with it differently and behold: I am very healthy!

The cold also causes me a bit of trouble when I hear what’s going on in the meantime in terms of degrees. I just walk through my garden at 32 degrees and yes – I will miss that too, but it is only 30 days. Therefore the return is foreseeable and the ticket is already booked.

Even if this week’s contribution is only about me, because I only tell you about it, I still hope – and maybe you do (at least I get that from the feedback): You can always take something for yourself out of my contributions – I certainly tell you about me, but I tell you about me for you. And there is exactly the point at which I would like to thank you – for the openness and trust of so many people who tell me their story. Yes, and sometimes also seek advice and I hope that I can help.

I wish you all a wonderful week. Next week you will hear from me and then the topic will be: How are my values? And what is Bali doing with my values? Because next week I will be at my check-ups and of course I will be very excited again. I wish you a wonderful time until then. And yes – on Thursday I will land again and then I will tell you about the results of my check-up. Until then everything, all love. Many, many thanks for everything. Glad that you are there and glad that you are staying. I will also stay and I will come soon – Until then…. Bye…” 




Home is where the soul is well.

Jörg comments here.


Maybe it’s just wrong that we associate the beautiful word home with a place. Maybe home is just where another door opens: the door to the soul. Where that happens which does you good. And certainly also where the questions live, why one is not well – or what even makes one sick in the worst case. Silke is on this path. And from this there is a simple and hopeful lesson for all of us: Everyone can immediately go this way, to ask himself the questions that do you good. And not only when one is forced to do so by an illness. The 4 words of Silke’s healer are a mantra for this. What we call contemplation right now in this time is a nice chance to do exactly that. Candle on, soul on, heaviness off.

And if you have desire and time, then Silke is happy to share these thoughts with you. Look at the dates!




The dates at a glance:


“Medial Evening” on 16 December 2018:

Silke will be in Germany in December. During this time she will be offering Sittings & Readings in Frankfurt and will also be hosting a “Medial Evening”. Medial evenings are a fascinating and breath-taking experience for the visitors. Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several participants.

Important note: The mediale evening serves exclusively the topic „beyond contacts“. Those interested in the topics “Bali” or “Leukemia” are cordially invited to our information evening on 15 December.

Bookings for the medial evening on 16 December 2018 in Frankfurt am Main are now available on Silke’s website:


Info evening “My way to Bali” on 15 December 2018:

Since Silke has received many inquiries about her way on Bali, cancer and healing possibilities, she has decided to give an information evening on this topic on 15 December. The cost is 15 € per person. Prospective customers write please a short E-Mail to the following address:

The venue is Frankfurt am Main. All interested parties will be informed of the exact location and period of the event following their e-mail.


Workshop „Mudra Prana Heilung“ mit Pak Ngurah

2019 in Frankfurt – exact date follows