Back in Frankfurt

Back in life training.

You’ve heard it before: Silke is back in Frankfurt for a while. And for Silke this is really life training. Because in addition to the examination of medical examinations, the climate and the “German energy”, she was received immediately after arrival by an accident in her close personal environment. So the mantra of her healer “Realize, accept, let it go” was the order of the day. But there is also something very pleasing! Hear for yourself!


What Silke says:


“Good morning from Frankfurt. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Yes – delayed blog post… As a result, I came home and actually the principle I learned in Bali “To realize, accept, let it go, be happy” was tested directly.

Due to an accident in our family and then a hospital stay of one of my family members, it was not possible for me at all to somehow follow through with my planned plan for Frankfurt and I had to cancel the media evening and the Bali info evening, which I felt really sorry for. I promise to catch up – in spring, when I come back. But sometimes it’s the case that circumstances require you to accept them and still surrender positively to the new situation. Click on the small arrow to read more     

Despite all this, I would like to tell you something today – about osteopathy and my results: I was with my professor in Frankfurt and the result is really positive, because the values have all remained as they are. And that’s totally positive news for my illness, because the kind of leukaemia I have is not curable and so it’s always a success if the values don’t change and stay the way they are. And that was so and also with the ultrasound my spleen was still quite big, but the other organs are all in order and one simply notices that this form of therapy strikes me in Bali and that I am really healthy and really fit there. What I have just noticed here in Germany – I’ve been here again for two weeks now – is that I’m beginning to get bone pain again, a cold… All the things I haven’t had in Bali in the last six months. Which of course has to do with the weather conditions here in Frankfurt, but I also notice that my immune system works much worse here.

Despite all that – which is also very, very positive: When I’m in Germany, I’m always with a wonderful healer, an osteopath, once or twice a week – a physiotherapist, but an ingenious osteopath who observes and takes stock when I return from Bali: “What was there working in your body and what does it look like and what is the tension on the spleen and the liver and so on and so forth… And that was such a wonderful visit when I first came to her and she said: “Wow – so much has changed, it looks completely different…”.

That was very, very positive and I was really happy. And that’s what my professor says: “Live your life and forget everything you hear from your blood values and the ultrasound results. Because what you have here now in results, it is simply livable with it. And your own philosophy of life and your own therapy, which you imposed on yourself in Bali, is exactly the therapy that helps me. And that is why I always let you participate in it.

To sum up: The last three months in Bali have brought me a lot, especially the tension within my body. And of course – this has a lot to do with the tension in my mind. To let go more and more and to accept and realize more and more and to let go again and to be happy.

The task here in Frankfurt is really really difficult for me, because the energy here is really different in Germany and it demands a lot from you, because everything is incredibly fast. And you notice that again and again when you fly back to Bali, how decelerated everything becomes. But also – when you come back to Frankfurt – how it accelerates and that’s really, really, really not that easy. And if there are a lot of things that need to be regulated, then it’s very, very demanding. And so is my stay in Frankfurt at the moment, which is incredibly demanding. I am very, very happy that I see my family and my dear friends and everyone – but I am also happy for my health and everything that is going on when my plane goes back to Bali on 1 January and I then come back to Bali again.

What was also very positive was that my doctor told me that now I don’t have to come every three months for the values, but I can also come every half year. And that is really a very, very positive aspect for me. And it is up to me whether I come after a quarter of a year or after half a year. And that says quite a lot about the state of my illness and what we are doing in Bali with my healers and with my self-imposed therapies.

Now I wish you a wonderful Advent season. I hope it is contemplative and quiet and not too stressful. Whereby I believe that stressful is actually almost normal before Christmas. I am really happy when you come to my media evening and my info evening next year and promise that I can let them take place.

Until then I wish you everything, everything, all love. See you very soon – next week, just before Christmas.

Love greetings from Frankfurt, your Silke without Lotta”. 




Between values and will.

Jörg comments here.


Silke is determined to fight her disease in Bali. That is will.     Will to believe in something and to implement it, which has medical limits. This spiritual will also includes the courage and the objective mind to regularly undergo medical examinations in Germany. After months on Bali and working with healers, sitting in a waiting room and facing the official values. What would we call that? Probably the “moment of truth” – because numbers, dates, facts are often truer for us than our own feelings. Because it is unambiguous for everyone else to read. But it is worth opening up to this point of view. But not – and we want to emphasize this several times – not because medical values are nonsense, but because the personal path and one’s own feeling are equally important results. Only they are not measured in the laboratory, but in the soul. Merry Christmas to you all!




The dates at a glance:


Medial evening in spring 2019 with Silke Liederbach and Rico Crudeli:

In spring Silke is back in Germany. During this time she will give the “Medial Evening” originally planned for December. Medial evenings are a fascinating and breath-taking experience for the visitors. Silke Liederbach receives messages from the spirit world for several participants.

The bookings for the Medial evening are – as soon as the date is fixed – possible on Silke’s website:

Important note: The mediale evening serves exclusively the topic „beyond contacts“. Those interested in the topics “Bali” or “Leukemia” are cordially invited to our information evening in spring 2019.


Info evening “My way to Bali” in spring 2019:

Since Silke has received many inquiries about her way on Bali, cancer and healing possibilities, she has decided to give an information evening on this topic. This will take place in spring 2019. The cost is 15 € per person. Prospective customers write please a short E-Mail to the following address:

The venue is Frankfurt am Main. All interested parties will be informed of the exact location and period of the event following their e-mail.


Workshop „Mudra Prana Heilung“ mit Pak Ngurah

2019 in Frankfurt – exact date follows