Warm thoughts from Bali

As a New Year’s greeting for you.

Ultimately, everyone is responsible for the climate in which they want to live. And this does not mean the weather, clouds or cold temperatures, but the environment that does you good. Silke returns to Bali after a while and tells us today about doors that close and doors that open. And some open doors are already waiting for you in February. Finally! And you are welcome to be curious about who is waiting behind them.

So we start gently but with good prospects for the New Year. Hear for yourself!


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Nice that you are there and nice that you stay.

I wish you a happy new year! I hope you came in well. I wish you health and may all your wishes come true! Lotta and I have been together again for a week – it was a very, very happy encounter! We were both so happy to see each other again. Especially me – I’m just recovering with Lotta from the four weeks in Germany that were really incredibly fast moving and stressful from the beginning. Special ways bring special decisions with them, special consequences. Doors close and then doors open again on the other side of the continent. That’s what happens when you decide, like me, to change your life completely and thus change your thoughts and your mind as well. And then, unfortunately, it is no longer compatible with everything and so you have to say in peace and love: ‘Thank you for the time and everything, all the best…’. Click on the small arrow to read more     

So it was for me with some situations there and it also showed me very clearly that after such a long time on Bali I am now also a guest in Frankfurt and often see from the outside how life there is like. And that is sometimes quite strange, because a year ago I actually lived there quite normally and spent my everyday life there quite normally. And then I realize that through the changes that Bali brings with it, my mind has also changed to concentrate on being happy. And that this brings you further and further away from the old life. That is very, very good on the one hand and really wonderful to see for me. On the other hand, it also brings with it the fact that it hurts a lot. Because I also have to let go of people I could never have imagined. Yes – there were wonderful moments in Frankfurt with a special encounter I had with a wonderful friend of mine, whom I didn’t see for many, many years and who I found again through this blog. And I don’t know – you certainly know it – how happy such a moment is for you when you see someone again who has been very, very, very close to your heart for many, many years and who has lost sight of you. And then after more than 20 years you look yourself in the eye and have the feeling that nothing happened! And yet it actually takes at least a week to get together and only exchange what has happened in these 20 years. It was simply a wonderful encounter that really benefits the soul and the spirit. Many, many thanks again for that!

Yes – now it goes on with the healing here and directly arrived, I got my first healing session with my wonderful healer Ngurah, who first confirmed to me that nothing happened in Germany, that my body is fine – just like my professors in Germany said.

After all, I didn’t spend three days in Germany and got sick immediately. With all the symptoms I had before Bali. And they came straight back, which is a sign for me again and again that I am on the right track here in Bali. And because of that I flew to Bali earlier than it was planned.

I was incredibly sorry, because of course I always miss my children very, very much… That is the price I pay for living here. That my children live in Germany and no matter how old children are – they remain our children and I really miss them every day. And yet it simply became very, very clear when I was in Frankfurt that I cannot live there with the disease I have. And I haven’t been in Bali for five or six hours yet, when all the symptoms that were there disappeared again – with a cold and aching limbs and a flu-like infection. This shows me: It is a very, very, very good way.

There is also very, very positive news: I have already introduced you to Paul Schaffron, because of whom I am in Bali at all and who is also repeatedly in Germany and gives lectures there about Bali, about healing, about healers and about the – I say – ‘holy island’. Paul, me and also the wonderful healer Ngurah will come to Germany in the middle/end of February and will start our little tour there. In Frankfurt, in Munich, in Hamburg, in Berlin and in Basel – that’s how we thought about it now. You will surely find more details on Paul Schaffron’s page and also on my homepage. We will come and everyone will report – I will finally make up for my media evening, Ngurah will report about his healing and also give healing sessions and Paul will report as always about the special island and also about his special way of his cancer with the healing on Bali. We are very much looking forward to this – I am especially looking forward to it: In order to keep my promise to come, too – to give my medial sessions, to make up for the medial evening and to report together with Paul about Bali.

Otherwise, everything is exactly as it was before. I take my super good Herbals – meanwhile a bit reduced to 24 a day. My acupressure starts again next week, my healing sessions three times a week. But the main part that has to be carried, I have to carry it myself. And that is to steer the mind of each and every day in a positive direction and not to go too deeply into problems, but to look at a problem: Can I change the problem? Then I change it. Then it is no longer a problem. Can’t I change it? Then I accept it – then it is no longer a problem. And to stay happy.

So much for the first time for the first article in 2019. I wish you in cold Germany: Dress warm! Have warm thoughts! Be happy! I embrace you all. I thank you a thousand times for the many, many good wishes for New Year’s Eve and Christmas. It touched me very much and also for the gifts: Many, many, many thanks for all who reached me in Germany.

As always, I say: Glad that you are there and glad that you are staying. And also from Lotta – See you soon, your Silke.” 




Nothing stays as it is.

Jörg comments here.


Sometimes you say to yourself, “Keep everything the way it is.” These are beautiful moments.

But to spend one’s strength on holding everything is not life. It is about shaping life as it is best for you and your environment. That is one, if not THE life task. Silke goes this way because it forces her illness. We can approach this task with a less threatening background. We will learn a lot about this in the next few weeks – and if you want, we can do it very close and live. Then, when Silke, Paul and Silkes Heiler come on a tour to Germany and Switzerland. With lively reports about Bali and spiritual ways.

So take something good for 2019. Maybe you will be there and can take something with you for your way. Here is the rough planning for the program. More details soon!




The dates at a glance:


Germany and Switzerland tour with Silke Liederbach, Paul Schaffron and Healer Ngurah:

In spring Silke, Paul Schaffron and Healer Ngurah will be on tour in Germany and Switzerland.

Silke will make up for her media evening, Ngurah will talk about his healing and give healing sessions and Paul will talk about the special island Bali and also about his special way of his cancer with the healing on Bali. Soon you will find more details in this blog!