Silke on Info tour

A new Balinese Hindu girl is coming.

When Silke comes to Germany and Switzerland together with Paul Schaffron and the Balinese healer Ngurah, Silke comes as a Balinese Hindu. Why she decided to change to this religion can be heard in today’s podcast. And who wants to hear still more in addition and to exciting topics like to welfare ways on Bali, that decides for one of the info evenings or for completely personal dates with Silke to a medial coaching or to the balinese energy healing with Ngurah.

We are happy to see you!


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Nice that you are there and nice that you stay.

Great news from Bali! We are coming to Germany and Switzerland from 18 February to 12 March: Frankfurt, Munich, Münster and Basel. On March 8th we will be in Basel with our lecture by Paul Schaffron, my healer, priest and shaman Ngurah and myself. Then it goes on for the other dates to Munich, Münster and Frankfurt. You will find the exact dates on Facebook and on our homepages. We are very happy and in great preparations for you. Ngurah and I will always stay two or three days longer in each city to offer you the media coaching and Balinese energy healing that I really can only recommend – from my own experience! Click on the small arrow to read more     

Otherwise, we’re just super excited – and I’m also very excited about it personally. I’m curious how it is for my healer who has never been to Europe before and who doesn’t know the cold. Because I think that in February we will have it quite cold after all. At the moment we have the rainy season here and I thought it would be a bit easier. We really have monsoon-like rainfalls and storms, but also up to 36 degrees. That’s a lot, because the air humidity is simply incredibly high and you don’t know what to expect. And as a German you also think: So – now it’s raining and now it’s getting cool! And instead it is really warm. Which also has something nice about walking in the warm rain. Yes – that’s currently from Bali and from what’s coming to us in the next few weeks and what we’re all really very, very, very happy about.

Otherwise there are great news from myself personally: I changed to Balinese Hinduism last Sunday. I left the church 24 years ago for very personal reasons – not because of faith, but simply for personal reasons. Then I also dealt with classical Hinduism for a while, but it wouldn’t necessarily have moved me to change now. But when I came to Bali last year and got deeper and deeper into it, I was really very interested: ‘What is Balinese Hinduism? And what distinguishes it from classical Hinduism?’ I can’t explain this to you in a few minutes, but that’s what the info evening is for. We really live here very, very strongly with the laws of nature. You already know a lot about the ceremonies here – I already told you that in the other contributions. We live with the ancestors. And we simply align ourselves with nature – it is unbelievable much of all this. And it is my very, very own philosophy. The deeper I am immersed in Balinese Hinduism, the more I wondered: ‘Wow – this is actually my own philosophy’. And that’s why I decided to change completely.

And so last Sunday was a wonderful ceremony, very touching, for many hours. My healer Ngurah and his parents, who are both priests – as well as he is – arranged this with a high priest for me. And with some other people, who were there at the ‘blessing’. Yes, that was really great – I was allowed to memorize some mantras in advance and was also very excited the days before. Yes, it was great! I’ll send you some pictures attached. That’s something for me personally that makes me very, very happy, brings me a bit more into balance and that gives me the feeling that this is exactly what’s good for me. And I think that’s what I mean in all the many contributions we’ve had together in the meantime: It is important that we are doing well and that we do what keeps us healthy or makes us healthy.

I have heard from my wonderful children that it is so cold in Germany. All the more I send you – even if it sometimes rains here – very, very warm greetings from Bali. I am very happy to see you. Finally we make it! By the way, we’re coming back this year: At the end of July/August we’ll do our German/Swiss tour again – maybe Austria will still be there. With a bit more planning, concerning the dates. But the next days you will find all the dates on my homepage, on the Facebook page of Paul Schaffron and of me.

Until then, very nice greetings also from Lotta, who is really big by now and is more and more fun. Very dear greetings from Bali. Glad that you are there and glad that you are staying. It’s nice to see you again and see you very, very soon. Your Silke.”



About Balinese Hinduism.

Jörg comments here.


Balinese Hinduism believes at its core that the visible material world is always permeated by an invisible spiritual world. A peculiarity that stems from the fact that traditional Hinduism was shaped by an ancient, deeply rooted belief in natural gods and the supernatural. For Silke as a medium, the first observation in particular is something that can of course be very organically combined with her personal feelings and abilities. Faith is stability and hope and orientation. We wish Silke that she is carried by it on her way to healing. The positive energy she carries with her will soon be felt personally. Take your time and come along. Here are the dates and we will introduce you to Silke, Paul and Ngurah once again.



Germany and Switzerland tour with Silke Liederbach, Paul Schaffron and Heiler Ngurah


21.02.2019            (18:00 Uhr – address follows)
06.03.2019           (18:30 Uhr – address follows)
08.03.2019           (18:00 Uhr – Münchenstein Hotel Hofmatt)
Date will follow  (Time and address will follow) 


About the evening:

On the information evening “Spiritual journey” the listeners experience exciting insights, touching stories and experiences and fascinating effects of the alternative healing art from Bali from all three actors.

You don’t have to be terminally ill to be able to take with you a personal experience from this wealth of information and spiritual thoughts, which everyone can incorporate into their everyday lives and which will help them to regenerate and find faith in the body’s self-healing power in times of mental and/or physical crisis.



About the actors:


Silke Liederbach

Silke Liederbach is an internationally renowned medium and lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. Since her leukaemia diagnosis in March 2018, she has lived in Bali since May 2018, where she heals leukaemia with a combination of meditation, yoga, special nutrition and spiritual healing treatments.


Paul Schaffron

Many years ago Paul Schaffron himself was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. He also went to Bali and fought cancer there with the help of spiritual healers – today he is considered to be cured from the point of view of orthodox medicine. But he stayed on Bali to bring other people closer to this holy island. Today he organises spiritual journeys to Bali and arranges contacts and appointments with recognised healers in order to make this alternative form of healing accessible to other people. At the same time he travels to Germany again and again to pass on his history, knowledge and experience at seminars and information events.


Pak Ngurah

Pak Ngurah is a shaman and priest and one of the most respected healers in Bali. With the help of his special energy healing session he cleanses and awakens all disturbed or dormant energy channels. He is regarded as one of the best healers in Bali and now travels to Europe for the first time to introduce this form of healing. If you wish you can also experience this special form of healing in a personal session with him during this time.