Which is living proof

Answers from Bali, Münster, Munich, Frankfurt & Basel.

From a very optimistic Silke you will hear a sentence today that will be remembered when you think of diseases like her leukemia:

“I am the living proof”. For what exactly, you will learn by reading or listening.

Or very close when you’re guests on Silke’s Germany tour, which comes in a few days together with Paul Schaffron and the Balinese energy healer Ngurah. If you can’t be there, you can also find out more in this blog.


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Nice that you are there and nice that you stay.

Now it’s only a few more hours and we’re heading for Germany! I am so much looking forward – with my healer in my luggage and to our lecture series in the evening with Paul Schaffron, Ngurah and me. I am totally surprised: We are fully booked in all cities! That makes me so happy and infinitely happy. And I’m really excited: ‘What’s waiting for you on such an evening and what’s it like? How were my preparations and how is everything going?’ Click on the small arrow to read more     


When I then prepared these evenings, I actually reviewed everything that had happened in the last ten months. I was diagnosed with leukemia and moved to Bali. How my life has changed and – and now the most important thing – how far away this disease is for me. I don’t think about it at all anymore. I live as if I didn’t have it. Accordingly, I am also very, very well. I had a cold now, just like everyone here in Bali had a cold – due to the rainy season that we have here now and the high humidity and air conditioning. But I don’t take any medication at all and feel totally fit.

My cold went away much faster than many others who were not ill. That made me very, very happy: That I notice for myself how much our mind simply has to do with illness and also with the handling of illnesses.

It makes me so happy that I don’t have the feeling of being at the mercy of my illness, but that I can decide for myself how much space I give it at all. And is it necessary at all? Or is it not better to deal with my health and to lead my life? Of course in another place in the world and of course not like ten months ago. But to make the very best of the situation in which I live and in which I am. And I think I have done that in the last ten months and life has come back to me.

And I’m just happy that I’m part of Paul’s lecture series – the one that got me there at all. And whom I am also incredibly grateful to – that he is giving these lectures at all and that I am there as living proof. And that of course I am allowed to introduce my healer, who carries a huge part of my recovery, to all of you and he also tells about it: What is he doing with me and why do I feel so much easier freed from negative energy and full of positive things in me?


Yes – this is such a small summary today and also serves a bit of preparation for all those who will see us in the next few weeks in Munich, Münster, Frankfurt and Basel. For me, it was really like that again and again in this preparation that I had goose bumps myself and thought: ‘That’s a small miracle what’s happening here’. Regardless of my medial work, which I will also report on and which has completely changed again in Bali – which has completely passed from beyond contacts to the coaching area, which is simply wonderful. When I see the response from the people and get the feedback from the people who were with me and are very, very grateful – I am always so, so very happy!

Basically this has nothing to do with me at all, because I am only a postman! But I will also report on that.

And now I’ll say for now: glad that you are there and glad that you are staying! If you could see me now: I really have a smile on my face, I am so much looking forward to you. Until then: All the best for you! Lotta is already in her pension, my suitcases are open and waiting for them to be filled. And then it starts in two days. Very, very dear greetings – I am glad that you are there, glad that you are staying.I’ll stay too and I’ll come! We are coming! Bye…”



The living proof of the power of will.

Jörg Skalecki comments here.


“The spirit is so strong that it can defeat even the worst diseases”, one often hears, and one is all too willing to believe in it. Of course, it is not as simple as you say. But there is one big step in between that Silke lives by: The spirit can be so strong that it at least assigns the right place to the illness. In such a way that the illness does not eat and overshadow life. There is so much beautiful hope, comfort and confidence in it that one would like to learn from it. We try to tell you this in this blog and will certainly get many exciting insights from the experiences of the tour, which we would like to share with you. And if you are interested in Silke’s work as medium and media coach, please visit Silke’s website at www.silkeliederbach.de