There's a whole new energy for this blog

Its name is Mangku Gede Ngurah.

You bring something special with you from every trip. In the case of Silke it is a Balinese friendship that was deepened on the Germany tour: The friendship with her healer Ngurah. And from now on this will become something very special from which each of you will benefit. Breathe in. Breathe out. Listen to Silke’s contribution and feel the energy.


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Nice that you are here and yes: nice that you stay!

We are back in Bali, we still have the smile on our faces and we say thank you very, very dearly to all of you who were with us, who worked with us, who attended our lectures, who wrote so many letters… For all this: thank you very, very, very much! We were really overwhelmed by it, are now a good week back and have also recovered a little, because we both – especially me – became very ill. I had to take antibiotics and so we needed the first week to adapt to the temperatures again, because it was a huge temperature change again. Click on the small arrow to read more     

Ngurah was totally enthusiastic about Germany, would love to fly back again and always says: ‘Oh, I miss Germany so much…’ So we will definitely come back soon! Many thanks for all the letters and for everything that reached us afterwards – after the time in Germany. We are really very, very grateful for that and therefore decided that we will continue this blog together, because Ngurah has so much to give and can tell you a lot about the topic ‘mindset’ and ‘change of mind’. Conversion’ is certainly not the right word either – rather how we can best deal with our own thoughts. Ngurah is really the best coach you can imagine. That’s why – even after the many letters and requests that we come back – we decided to continue this blog together in the future. And that’s the big announcement, because we start right away in three days.

We imagined that Ngurah would always give you something, like a training session. And then I will explain to you how you can best do that – for those of us who think so European or so Western. For Ngurah this is often not really comprehensible. He knows it, but it is not really comprehensible, because he does not come from this world. And yet what he has to give us is so incredibly important for us: that we stay healthy, that we stay happy, that we become healthy. And that we learn much, much better to deal with our own energies.

So that was the advance notice and a ‘hello’ from Bali. In the next two weeks you will also find the new dates for August on my homepage, on my private Facebook page and on the Facebook page of me as a medium – not only for individual sessions, which you are welcome to ask about and which we will then schedule – but above all also for seminars and workshops, which we will give both in Frankfurt and in Munich, in Berlin and probably also in Hamburg. These are always two and a half day workshops – we will give you the contents, topics and times.

By the way: Lotta was beside herself with joy that I was there again and this time she was also ill – somehow you notice how closely we are already connected. So it took us a week to recover. Until then, very, very dear greetings from Bali. Nice that you are there and nice that you stay. I’m staying too and I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Until then. Goodbye”


Unspeakably fascinating: Mangku Gede Ngurah.

Jörg comments here.


When I met Ngurah, I tried to pronounce his name correctly. But I did not succeed. And Ngurah had a lot of fun correcting me. Anyone who got to know him at one of the events in Germany immediately knows what energy he is generating. Even if he only likes the word to a limited extent. And also not only for positive energy. You will learn a lot about it. In simple words that are not simple because it is simple. But because exactly this simplicity is a key to a new understanding. And that’s just Ngurah! In a duo with Silke, who implements his methods and ways of thinking, this is a very special experience and an added value. From now on always in this blog – and even better live in August at the workshops with the two of them! Stay tuned. From now on booking inquiries are accepted by mail under:

More exact dates, times and places can be found as soon as possible in this blog and on Silkes facebook pages.