The first guest contribution from Ngurah

The 80/20 principle.

We’ve announced it to you: Today Silkes healer Ngurah speaks for the first time in this blog. With a first lesson as basis for more in the next weeks. Because the 80/20 principle is a task that needs some time, but is also so positively fundamental. Silke talked to Ngurah and recorded his words. Feel caught in the best sense, make something out of it and let your opinion be heard. That’s what we want.


What Ngurah says:

Hello everybody. I’m Ngurah. I’m a healer from Bali. Some people know me already because a few months ago we made a tour through a few places in Germany – and now I join with the blog from Silke and thank Silke so much for that.

I’m working in energy healing also as in mind healing. Okay – and now – especially this time – I want to speak about mind problem.

Why? The mind is very important to us. Most of us never realize or don’t realize that we live 80 percent unconsciously and 20 percent consciously. Click on the small arrow to read more     

It means, most of us don’t realize or maybe never realize about what they do. About their activity every day, about the job, about everything – also about what they think. Because in 80 percent we act unconsciously. 

But – two minutes could change our mind. And it is very important to change our mind – to change the condition or the position so that we can live in 80 percent consciously and in 20 percent unconsciously. So, we change the condition. That means that we realize everything we do – our activity every day and in every moment. We realize that, we realize everything we do.

For example – I will give you a very simple example:

When we wake up in the morning most of us don’t realize or never realize what we should do. In this moment we directly start with our mind to think of many things outside of us. But we never realize: ‘We are in our bed. We waked up in the morning in our bed, in our room. We are breathing.’

We should say: ‘Thank you for ourselves.’ Say thank you for this morning and that you waked up healthy and happy!  

But what we do is start to thinking about our job, about our homework, about this and about that – about many things. That’s why I say two minutes can change our mind. So that we can realize anything what we do, every day. Why? Why we have to do this? Because if we don’t do that our mind can broke us. More than 90 percent main illness in ourself come from our mind. Okay?

I think that’s it for now, for the first time. And next time I will continue again about how two minutes can change our mind step by step and how we can train our mind step by step. So we can change the position and we can change the condition in that we can live. So that we can live 20 percent unconsciously and 80 percent consciously.

Thank you so much – everybody. Good luck. Keep healthy and be happy forever.“



To make oneself aware of consciousness. A simple rule, not an easy task.

Jörg Skalecki comments here.


Sometimes you don’t even know how to get from bed to office. So much automatism, so many circling thoughts, so much information. It’s not just sick, it’s what makes you sick. A simple, but exactly for this reason so convincing logic of Ngurah. And as a Balinese healer he is anything but far away from Western science. Because “psychosomatic” diseases are also an established term here.

So living more consciously starts with making conscious. To make conscious that we do not live 80% of our time consciously. “How do we get better figures?” asks the self-optimizer in us. That’s where the problem begins. But from now on we won’t let it get that far anymore. And we believe a promise that Ngurah made at one of the events in Germany: Those who are diligent and consistently work on themselves will live much more consciously and thus healthier in 3 months. And if it takes a little longer, then we consciously don’t stress ourselves.