Ngurah's lesson No. 2

Everybody, please wake up!

Wake up! But right! You can see that ambiguously: It’s time that we basically pay more attention to our mind. And it’s just the right moment to do that in the morning when you wake up. Today Ngurah explains to you again how to do this with his second lesson. Listen in now and start tomorrow morning…


What Ngurah says:

Hello everybody! See you again in Silke’s blog. With me – Ngurah from bali. Last time I spoke about how to manage our mind. And I hope, that anybody who read the blog or listened what I spoke started to practice what I explained before.

Today I will continue explaining how to manage our mind. So – we can start to realize that we live 80 percent unconsciously and 20 percent consciously. But we will change our life that we will live in 80 percent consciously and 20 percent unconsciously. Okay – I will give you a simple practice to start to manage your mind. This is a small homework for anybody who join this blog: Click on the small arrow to read more     


Start, when you wake up in the morning. Start every time when you wake up in the morning. Learn to start: Learn to realize that you wake up. In this bed. In this room. And start to breathe.

Breathe deeply – inhale from nose and exhale from mouth. Make it softly and slowly, realize it more and more. And then: Say ‘Thank you’! Thank you to yourself, thank you to your body. Thank you to the universe or thank you to God: That you wake up in this morning. In this room, in this bed. In a very, very good condition – in a very healthy condition. And in a very happy condition. Say it more and more. Until you feel about what you say. And after that, start breathing once more. Breathe deeply. Like before. Inhale from nose. And exhale from mouth. Do it three times. Or five times. Or seven times. Until you feel totally come down and totally relax. And at the end of that, say ‘I love you’ to yourself. ‘I love myself’.

And then – open your eyes and realize: “What do I want to do now? For example: After you go out of your bed, you want to go to to the kitchen and drink a glass of water. Or you want to go to the bathroom and wash your face. Or any other activity: Realize what you do. And if your thoughts start to go evserywhere, let them go. Just like you would watch a movie. But don’t go to that thoughts and feelings. Realize more, where you are and what you do right now in this moment. Be present. Be now.

Okay – I hope all of you understand clear about how to learn to manage our minds. And I hope everybody in this blog starts to learn. And in the next time I hope to get a feedback from all of you. Okay? Thank you so much. Enjoy your time. Enjoy your day. Bye.” 



The morning makes the day. And soon maybe the whole life.

Jörg Skalecki comments here.


“Honey, did you set the alarm?” Yes, unfortunately – so we wake up in the morning: With a loud signal, which turns on our thought carousel. What awaits me at work today? The children have to be taken to the dentist. Damn, we forgot to call the craftsman. You all know that: we are not with ourselves, we are somewhere else, we are with 1001 topics. That’s what Ngurah means with his words: 80% of us live unconsciously. How nice it is that he answers this clear warning with a simple and clear exercise for which there are no excuses. No one has to spend months in a monastery of silence, no one has to change their whole life to mindfulness. Only these 5 minutes in the morning. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… and from now on simply always. You should be worth it.

Don’t forget to share your feelings, thoughts and wishes with Ngurah. He is looking forward to every comment.