There are two ships in the harbour

Which ship is your true journey?

Silke and Ngurah are preparing the workshops for you this autumn. “Mind-Clearing” is the title and Silke tells you today about two ships, what it is all about and what you can look forward to. But I can already tell you that it’s all about your thoughts – and how you are going on the right journey with the right ship. So be on the lookout!


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

Sorry for the delay this time… We are a lot commuted between north and south and had in the south also our house search, which ended now successfully, because we found a beautiful house in the rice fields. In the north I love to be in the Holiway Garden – the Holiway Garden is not only called that because the name sounds so beautiful, but also because the holy way leads through this resort. And behind the resort lies the Agung and in front of us the ocean. The forces of nature alone make it so incredibly perceptible and so beneficial and healing. And also our readings and healing sessions are so intense there, because this energy is so high there.

And then, of course, we are busy planning our workshop. Many thanks to everyone who helps us. The dates will be announced in the next two weeks – we will come in October and will hold the last workshop in Allgäu on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The workshop name is “Mind Clearing” – you have already experienced the workshop beginnings on my blog may be with Ngurah. I can do that every day! That is healing. That makes you happy. It gives you an incredible amount of strength to know that you are allowed to control your thoughts yourself and that you no longer go on a journey with your doubts, thoughts and whatever thought patterns come to mind again and again. Click on the small arrow to read more     


I often have the example in my readings that there are two ships in port: One ship is located directly in front at the entrance of the harbour and is therefore wonderful to walk on directly. There is ‘doubt’ on this ship, you can easily go up there. And then the journey begins and then the question is: ‘What thoughts do you encounter on this journey? And are they really thoughts that we want to think or are they often thoughts to question ourselves? And in the harbour a bit further around the corner and then again a whole way further down, the same ship is standing and there is ‘fulfillment’ on it and that is the ship with the self-controlled thoughts.

It’s very, very important – and that’s what you learn in this Mind Clearing seminar with Ngurah and me – it’s very important that we learn to be in the ‘now’. Not where our thoughts want to take us, not ours, but those who are guided: ‘Was it right what I just said? Was it good to go further then? What happens if…’?

We’ll learn all that this weekend and get the tools to control it ourselves. And that we go through this port and don’t take the first ship, but the ship in which we steer our thoughts ourselves. We also learn to let go of thoughts. It is so difficult to do this training: Just sit down and think nothing. Ngurah laughs about it and really gives us the right tools. I don’t think I would have ever thought, even three quarters of a year ago, that I could sit there for at least five minutes and at least partially manage that… I don’t quite manage to think anything either. Even not thinking for a minute is really difficult. And even if the thought is to think that I don’t think anything. It’s about the freedom to simply think nothing. And just to be in the present, in the here and now and not yesterday, tomorrow or elsewhere – but just to get involved here and there, just to perceive the moment. And to think and to learn that I steer my thoughts.

This is the content of our seminar and we are very happy! We are also looking forward to all the comments and questions.

So – this is a little insight from us with a little training: Just observe how often you go into the harbour and how often you go into the first ship. And how often you suddenly notice on the high seas that these are not actually your thoughts, but that these are thoughts that come and take you on the journey. And watch how often you think your thoughts, visions or something like that. How often do you do that? When are you the master of your thoughts?

So much from Bali so far. A small report: Lotta is still doing well and we got about half a year ago still Mio in addition: A little cat that was lying in a palm tree in our house seven weeks old with quite a few wounds. We saved her and Mio has been on board with us ever since and Mio and Lotta get along very well. Yes, sometimes it’s things that fall out of the sky and that’s how we accepted and as I said Mio became part of our team here. I wish you all: Hopefully you won’t sweat so much in Germany! At the moment we actually have winter on Bali. That means we have 25, 26 degrees and a bit of wind – it’s really so incredibly beautiful. Even now – maybe you can hear the wind in the background – the sky is bright blue, we now have 23 degrees in the morning and it is so, so beautiful. I hope you also have similar weather in Germany or Switzerland or wherever you hear us – I wish it for you.

I say very, very nice greetings from Bali. I embrace you and look forward to seeing you again soon. Only in October – but time is running, you feel it yourself. I’ll soon announce on Facebook and Instagram our dates, when and where and how you can book us. Everything, everything love from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying. I will also stay!” 



You are what you think you are. You have to learn to think that way.

Jörg Skalecki comments here.


Ngurah’s lessons in this blog have already shown how important and valuable it is to control one’s own thoughts. Not to leave them to doubt and brooding every day. In many readings and healing sessions Silke and Ngurah have further deepened this approach and designed a workshop that gives you knowledge and tools to learn and apply your “Mind Clearing”. How valuable and helpful this is for all of us is best shown by Silke. Her illness is there – but she does not determine her life and satisfaction. Why this is not a stupid repression, but a clever tidying up in your head, you will learn this in autumn personally and of course again and again here in the blog.

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