Silke's thoughts on the Indian Ocean

From having to to being allowed.

It’s been 18 months since Silke decided to go to Bali because of her leukemia diagnosis. Today a retrospective has emerged out of this need and the turbulent times, which tells of a lot of gratitude and will to live. Early in the morning at the Indian Ocean one listens to Silke’s thoughts about it especially gladly.


What Silke says:


“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.

In the background you can surely hear the Indian Ocean – I’m sitting there at sunrise. I woke up this morning and thought: ‘Today is a good day to send you a new blog post from Bali’.

We are now almost five months in a row on Bali, since our last tour in Germany. In the meantime we had to leave three weeks ago, because I now have my residence permit on Bali – my so-called ‘Kitas’. Therefore I had to leave Indonesia for a short time and flew with Ngurah to Singapore – we spent two days there and then flew back again. That’s when I realized what an integral part Bali has become in my life – the place where I really want to live. And no longer ‘must’ because of my health. But how self-evident it has become for me again – but this time carried by gratitude – that I am healthy, that I feel healthy. And how important what Bali brings with it has become for me. Of challenge, above all of the conversion of thoughts, of the mind, of daily thinking. How grateful I am for the fact that I can still learn every day, but that I have already understood so much that today – as I mentioned in one of my last articles – I feel better than I have felt for 20 years. Click on the small arrow to read more     


I’ve left so much stress behind me and I’m still very challenged here. But I have found a completely new way of dealing with it. In the thinking that Bali and above all Ngurah taught me.

Yes, this is also a big part of our seminar – in Switzerland, Zurich, Frankfurt, Allgäu and Jena. I would like to share that with you and Ngurah would like to teach you that. How we – wherever we live on this earth – can steer with our thoughts to stay healthy, to become healthy and simply to be happy. Bali has made me a better person, at least for myself. Today I am very, very grateful that I could fulfill my dream. Through a really big detour. I wasn’t aware how much it was anchored in my life plan to want to live on a completely different continent. So much was I at the mercy of the obligations I had in Germany, and I also mentally made myself a slave. First something had to happen that literally tore me out. To show me that with a little courage and the will to survive I came to the way I wanted to live a long time ago, before I was incarnated for this life. This is also the big part of my readings that I give every day: ‘What are the life plans that we plan for our lives? And how much of that do we really live ourselves? And how much do we influence every day by preventing ourselves from following what we have set out to do at some point?

Yes – big words in the early morning. The day is really still very young. That was so important to me to tell you about it. We don’t have to feel our body when it’s sick. Every day, when we are healthy, we should be positively occupied with our body and be grateful that it carries us so wonderfully. And be grateful when we wake up healthy every morning – without pain and without any impairment. This is already a won day and with it the day can begin simply already completely differently. Yes – I am looking forward to you. Very much. Ngurah too. This is a wonderful seminar and gives the tools for a revaluation of life.

So – Lotta is currently playing with her friends again. As long as we stay in the north, Lotta is in her group with the other dogs. It’s always really sweet to pick her up there. Both to take her there – she’s happy about that – and to pick her up. Ngurah I think I’m asleep at this hour – before all his healing sessions today. I greet you from Bali very, very warmly, I am very happy to hear from you. Again and again, thank you very, very much for the many letters, inquiries and also the trust you place in us with the things you tell us about you. So – a lot of love! See you very soon in Germany or Switzerland. We land at the end of September and then begin on October 11-12 in Zurich, on October 18-19-20 in Frankfurt, in Dreieich. On 1./2./3. November in the Allgäu. And on 14th / 15th / 16th November in Jena. Many, many love from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying. I’ll stay too!” 



Wake up. Get up. Everyday life. You can learn how beautiful that is.

Jörg Skalecki comments here.


First, the disease had to be accepted. This gave rise to the will to want to live. And now a grateful feeling to be allowed to live. And this is a process in the mind that everyone can acquire in order not to take for granted what we so often understand as grey everyday life. Behind this there is a method to learn this change in one’s head and to integrate it deeply into one’s life. This is exactly what the workshops that Silke and Ngurah will bring to Germany and Switzerland in autumn are all about. With both live before and with you, with clear instructions, helpful exercises and in a pleasant environment with people who want to go their way. Are you there? The two of them are looking forward to you!

Please always use this email address for questions about the workshop or for appointments for readings and healing sessions of Silke and Ngurah:

Besides the workshops in autumn in Germany Silke and Ngurah also offer readings and healing sessions in Bali, readings & healing sessions via Skype and also some dates in addition to the workshops during your stay in Germany.


Here once again the workshop dates in the overview:

11th/12th/13th October 2019: Zurich

18th/19th/20th October 2019: Frankfurt/Dreieich

1./2./3. November 2019: Allgaeu

14th/15th/16th November 2019: Jena