Silke and Ngurah on their way to Germany

The bridge is coming, the bridge is alive.

Is there actually a plurality of homelands? In any case, Silke connects her two homelands Germany and Bali with one mission: To build a bridge between the eastern and western world. A bridge that heals, connects, makes complicated things easier.
Together with the Balinese healer Ngurah both are this bridge in person.

And when you read this, both have just landed in Germany.


What Silke says:

“Good morning from Bali. Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying!

In the background you hear the Indian Ocean again. And I am sitting in one of the most beautiful bays of Bali and enjoy a few hours with my visit, which I was so looking forward to. My son is here! And now I have a few hours off.

So – what I have to tell you this time is: Yes – I am excited! I am happy. We are happy. We will come to Germany. In six days. All preparations are made. We got a new place with Cologne-Euskirchen. On November 15th/16th/17th. We are looking forward very, very, very much to the individual seminars, to the individual readings and healings. We are looking forward to seeing our friends and family again. For me it is also a bit coming back home, even if only to visit. But I am also happy to experience the German clarity. In the sense of structured, everything very clean, very pure and fine – even if much only on the surface… No, for God’s sake I don’t want to evaluate that that way. Click on the small arrow to read more     


I already know today that I will miss Bali in these two months. But that it is also a mission for us. To fulfil our task, to share what Bali and the way of thinking here – the Balinese, the Hinduists and the Asian region – brings with it. And to connect the healing with the structure we have in Germany. Ultimately, for me this is always the mission: to be a bridge between the old knowledge and the clear and also very important structures that we have in Germany. If we could mix this together and if we could connect all this holistically, then we would bring and spread a lot of healing on this earth.

And that doesn’t just apply to Europe and Asia, it also applies to all other countries. Let us connect what belongs together and what has been separated at some point. And that is also the reason for our journey to Germany and Switzerland. And that is also the reason why we offer our seminars. To be a part of the bridge that brings everything together again and ultimately helps the people who are ill and makes it easier for them to think more simply and to leave out the complicated – and thus also the doubts and fears.

To all who have already registered for our seminar: We are happy! There are many surprises there! And to all who still doubt: Come to us! Stop doubting! At the end of the seminar there will be a small craft box for everyone: How to deal with your thoughts in difficult life situations. And just as one learns to be happy again in everyday life and not to go on the journey of thoughts that one does not want to think, but to become master of one’s own thoughts.

So – Yes, I am happy! I smile all the time because I look forward to many, many beautiful moments in Germany and Switzerland. Starting in Zurich on 11 October, Friday evening. Then 12th/13th also in Zurich, then 18th/19th/20th in Frankfurt, in Dreieich. Then it goes on in the Allgaeu. We are also looking forward to it: on 1st/2nd/3rd November. And then on November 15th/16th/17th in Cologne-Euskirchen.

With this in mind, dear ones – many, many love from Bali. Ngurah is happy. I am happy. We are happy! Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying. And we’ll stay too, I’ll stay too and we’ll come. Until then.” 



The majority of homelands may simply be called healing.

Jörg Skalecki comments here.


There in Asia and especially in Bali, a world for which a holistic approach to body and mind is a matter of course. Here a world that is characterized by structure & rationality. Is one better than the other? No. Better than one would be a bridge between the two. A connection from the much quoted “best of both worlds”. Really lived, really made liveable! This is exactly what Silke & Ngurah are becoming more and more committed to. Therefore their stay of several months in Germany and Switzerland is a mission. One that you can experience in workshops – or who can’t be there, can find out as much as possible about it here in this blog. We will report!


Here once again the workshop dates in the overview:

11th/12th/13th October 2019: Zurich

18th/19th/20th October 2019: Frankfurt/Dreieich

1st/2nd/3rd November 2019: Allgaeu

15th/16th/17th November 2019: Cologne-Euskirchen