This blog reports about Silke Liederbach’s fight against leukemia in Bali. Because she is a medium for contacts from beyond, her path is so special. “Du gehst und ich bleibe” (“You’ll leave and I’ll stay”) is a very personal statement by Silke about her illness. We believe that this statement, which is also the title of this blog, retains its greatest and most authentic force when it remains in Silke’s mother tongue.


If we want to talk about death and the dead, our world and the hereafter and all the fear, the questions and the doubts in between, then let us accompany Silke. Because when she talks about it, then you listen. She knows more about death and the spiritual world than you and I do. That has a fascinating side and a very biting side. What is fascinating is that Silke Liederbach is a recognized medium for contacts beyond and media messages. Yes, she can receive messages from the spiritual world. Without esoteric bells and whistles. With clear, sensitive messages. The biting side is her damn leukemia. A biting dog that can attack fatally at any time, as she calls the cancer. But her leukemia has received a clear message from Silke: “You’ll leave and I’ll stay.”

When someone knows how kind the world of the deceased is and at the same time is threatened by death, knowledge, hope, fear and feelings that have no name collide. In this blog Silke talks about her path. And in between, her good friend Joerg documents and comments on what is important and takes you out there. From the „Stickman“, from biting dogs, from a book and from medical values.

Glad to have you here. Glad that you are staying.